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Managed IT Services

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Page Computers offers a comprehensive range of Managed IT Services to help you get the best possible advantage of your IT. Taking on the role of IT Manager for you, across a number of Select Services.

These include, Network & Machine Monitoring (RMM), Managed Endppint Security (Antivirus & Anti Malware), Managed Cloud based Antispam, Cloud Backup. Delivered by a highly skilled and professional team, using the Industry best tools.

Disaster Recovery - Imagine the unthinkable, your PC or even worse your server has been 'locked' by ransomware, such as Kyptolocker, how can you recover your data or protect your systems.

There are many ways that the impact can be reduced, backing up being the most important, for your data, but what about the downtime whilst you recover your systems.

Page Computers can offer a range of protection, recovery and the ultimate Business Continuity solutions, to fit around your budget.


Contact us for a consultation - 01206 385564

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