If your IT systems are frustrating you and not allowing you to work to your full capacity, it may be a time to review them. We will work with you to enable your systems to help you work to your full business potential. This may include a full business audit and advice on updating your hardware or replacing existing systems.


Virus removal - even with antivirus software, no-one is immune of viruses. Should you suffer an infection, vital time can be lost in business hours. Just bring your PC/Laptop in and we will soon have your machine back to its old self.

Antivirus advice - The best way to insure your company's computers are safe to install a good antivirus. We can advise on the best system for you from the internet security to security on your server.

Health Checks - If your machine is running slowly or you think it could do with a bit if TLC we will scan for viruses, check how much memory it has available and advise on the best way to improve is performance.

Memory Upgrades -  Over time the memory on your computer diminishes and can slow everything down. We can improve its performance (where possible) with some extra memory.

Disaster Recovery - I n the event of major issues, we may be able to help recover data that ordinarily be lost.

We also offer support contracts for your added peace of mine. From as little as £30 per PC/Laptop (per month) we promise to be with you in 1 working day. Below you will find information on each service however for full details please contact us directly.

Telephone & Remote - our basic contract is suitable for small businesses (1-3 people). Unlimited telephone/ remote support during working hours with a 3-5 day call out  (dependant on workload). A 5% discount is also offered on our workshop labour charges. £60 + VAT per user.

Bronze -  1+ users recommended for small businesses. Unlimited telephone/ remote support;15 mins support per user per month on-site 2 working day call out time; 15% on any labour over and above annual allowance.

Silver - small/medium businesses. Unlimited telephone/remote support; 30 mins per user per month on-site support; 1 working day call out; 15% on any labour over and above annual allowance.


Gold - for businesses with high levels of computer usage. Unlimited telephone/remote support; 30 mins per month per user per month on-site support ; 1 working day call out; 15% on any labour over and above annual allowance.

Bespoke - Dependant on your needs, we can work out the right package for you. Please call for further details. Prices available upon request.

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