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Hardware & Software 

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Installation of New Operating System - 

Check your PC to ensure it can accept a new operating system& set up of user accounts. Installation of any recommended update to your operating system. Full service report.

Software & Installation - Order and purchasing of any new software and installation onto your PC.

Data Cleanse - Ideal if you if you need to permanently erase data from your hard-drive prior to disposing or selling your old PC.

Data Transfer -  Transfer data from your old PC to your new one. We will advise you on how to find your new data once it has been transferred.

Super Charge - We will run a benchmark to see how your hardware is performing. Should it be necessary we can install additional memory (at an additional cost). We will then advise of the improvements. 

Memory Installation - As above (In Super Charge) without the benchmark.

Data Storage - Automatic data backup to off-site location. Integrity of stored data guaranteed. data available worldwide 24/7. Straightforward backup of multiple desktops, servers or laptops.

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