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Antivirus &

Virus Removal 

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Even with antivirus software no-one is immune to viruses.

Should you suffer an infection, we can help.

Just bring your PC/Laptop in and we will soon have your machine back to its old self.

We scan your PC to identify virus followed by a thorough cleansing. Installation of new antivirus software. We will also wipe the operating system and re-install if necessary.

What can you do to ensure you don't fall foul of viruses, lose your data or overheat your machine? Here are a few tips;

Viruses - If you do a lot of internet surfing, banking and/or shopping, its REALLY important that you use a good quality paid for antivirus.

File Back Up - Backing up your cherished photos (or documents) isn't difficult to do and you really should be doing this if you don't want to lose them. It can be done using a memory stick, external hard-drive or, if you have a fast broadband connection, to a Cloud based back up.

House Keeping - Another enemy of your IT equipment is dust. The fans pull in the air to keep them cool and stop the machine from overheating but along with air, they also pull in dust.

As a part of a health check we will clean up the fans and vents. You can help by sitting you machine away from dusty areas (not under a desk) and from occasionally using a dry clean paint brush to wipe on the vents.

                      Our PC HEALTH CHECK service costs just £65

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